Interactive Math Notebooks

I love using interactive notebooks in my classroom. I think it's a great way to review concepts in a fun and hands on way. My students love their notebooks!

I usually teach new math concepts using our math text books, but I use these activities as a review to make sure my students master key math vocabulary or skills. 

Here is an activity my students added to their notebooks to review standard, word, and expanded form. 

And here we reviewed the divisibility rules. Underneath each flap you will find the rule for the number!

This is a great visual for area and perimeter. On the left my students wrote the definitions. 
And last but not least....a greatest common factor venn diagram. 

If you love these activities and would like to see more, please check out my Interactive Math Notebook Bundle in TPT. I have put together 31 great math on the link to check out all of the topics that are covered! 

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