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This is the first time in my 6 years of teaching that I have stayed in the same classroom and did not have to move over the summer! I was so very happy when I found out that I could stay in my classroom, because...(for whatever reason!?) I had become the teacher that was constantly being told to move. Now that I got to stay in the same place twice, I was able to focus on making my room BETTER over the summer instead of just making it a classroom! So here it is...
We use Thinking Maps at my I turned this bulletin board into a bubble map! I'll leave this one up all year as we study the different parts of speech. 

 I got these great genre posters from Hope King's TPT store. In the middle I track my students' AR points with stars. Every 5 points = a star!
My desk! I love my little nook back here. 

Here are my book bins, labeled by AR levels. 

 Math it up board! We started this in the first few days of school and my students loved it. It was a freebie on TPT!
That little brown table is my "catch all table." It's at the font of the room and it hold all of my important things like teacher's manuals...and COFFEE! Next to it is a shelf for all of our writing supplies. (Dictionaries, writer's notebooks, thesauruses...) This is also where they sharpen pencils and turn in their class work. 

Our mascot is a gator! Check out the cute gator I drew. 

View of my back small group table.

View towards the front of the room....all those desk crammed into my tiny room!

and my favorite!!
(Yes, this one is ALL over pinterest. You've probably seen it...I stole borrowed the idea, but that's what pinterest is for...right?!

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