Five for Friday...or Six for Sunday!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the first time for her Five For Friday Linky Party

1. I took my students to a Taxidermy Museum....Yep, you read that right! Taxidermy (Like dead stuffed animals) Museum. We have been studying animal adaptations and there is no better way to observe animal's adaptations than right up close!

2. I uploaded a new science unit to my TPT store. We are now learning about Earth's Major Land Biomes. We created an awesome biome lapbook and look at these great biome boxes! Click on the picture to see my entire biome unit. 

3. My husband and I stumbled across a "zoo" that is about 20 miles from our house in someones BACKYARD! It was soooo cool! They seriously have lions, and tigers, and bears (oh my!) Yeah, I wouldn't want to be their neighbor, but the zoo did provide me with an opportunity to pet a giraffe!

4. I love working in small groups in my classroom. It requires a lot of planning, but it's really what needs to be done to differentiate instruction. here's a small math group in my classroom that has been working on place value. 

5. And finally.... We are studying the three regions of North Carolina. My students created travel brochures for the different regions and I made this lovely bulletin board to show them off!

Sorry this was late, but I'm just linking up for the first time and I just couldn't wait unit next week. We'll call mine
Six for Sunday
and I'll add one more...and it's a throwback so I'm really breaking the rules!

6. My husband and I got married last November. It's been almost a year and I am so excited for our year anniversary so that we can eat the cake that has been in our freezer since our wedding! Here we are cutting the cake with his military sword (an army tradition!). 

Teaching Earth's Major Land Biomes

I have been teaching my 4th graders about Earth's major biomes for the last few weeks. This is a unit that I LOVE to teach, because my students enjoy learning about different places in the world and the plants and animals that live there. 

(This is a unit that I sell in my TPT store if you are interested, but you can still get several great ideas about teaching biomes from this blog post if you don't want to buy the unit!)

I always teach animal adaptations before I teach biomes and then I can relate the two! My students really enjoy researching animals and learning about how they are able to survive in their biomes. 
I started by introducing my students to the six major land biomes (tundra, taiga, grasslands, tropical rainforest, desert, and deciduous forest)  with this powerpoint! 

We talked about the location, weather, plants, and animals in each biome! My students took notes during the PowerPoint with fill in the blank notes I provided.

Next, my students chose one of the six biomes to research. I provided them will books like this one.... I highly recommend this series of books!

 I also showed them websites like this one...

The students took all of their research and created these really cool biome lap books! They also wrote a research report and glued it to the back of the lapbook!

Then I had my students make a Biome Box. 

They were given directions, this rubric, a box, and plenty of resources. 

Here's what they created! I was so impressed. 

Then it was time to take a test! After the engaging powerpoint, exciting research, and fun hands-on activities, ALL of my students did very well on the test! 

Click here to find the Biome Unit in my TPT store!

Currently October

Once again...I'm linking up with Oh Boy 4th Grade for this month's currently!

I love The Walking Dead (...and all of it's gore!) My husband is watching it right now, but I'm more focused on perusing TPT and my blog! 

I love when my dachshund cuddles with me at night. He's such a snuggle bug....
Meet Ramsey. He's a six year old miniature dachshund. I got him when I was student teaching....I thought that since I was about to have a big girl job, then I must be responsible enough to own a dog. I was very wrong, but he's still the best decision I ever made!

Need I say more? 

So I chose trick AND treat...because I am craving a CANDY treat! The administrators at my school played a trick on me (and our whole school!) We choose a Fruit of the Spirit to focus on each month as part of our character ed. program. This month it's
Our administrators tricked us into using self-control to not each any candy during the month of October until..............Halloween! I'm doing my best! I've got to set a good example for my students...right?!

Happy October!