Teaching Earth's Major Land Biomes

I have been teaching my 4th graders about Earth's major biomes for the last few weeks. This is a unit that I LOVE to teach, because my students enjoy learning about different places in the world and the plants and animals that live there. 

(This is a unit that I sell in my TPT store if you are interested, but you can still get several great ideas about teaching biomes from this blog post if you don't want to buy the unit!)

I always teach animal adaptations before I teach biomes and then I can relate the two! My students really enjoy researching animals and learning about how they are able to survive in their biomes. 
I started by introducing my students to the six major land biomes (tundra, taiga, grasslands, tropical rainforest, desert, and deciduous forest)  with this powerpoint! 

We talked about the location, weather, plants, and animals in each biome! My students took notes during the PowerPoint with fill in the blank notes I provided.

Next, my students chose one of the six biomes to research. I provided them will books like this one.... I highly recommend this series of books!

 I also showed them websites like this one...

The students took all of their research and created these really cool biome lap books! They also wrote a research report and glued it to the back of the lapbook!

Then I had my students make a Biome Box. 

They were given directions, this rubric, a box, and plenty of resources. 

Here's what they created! I was so impressed. 

Then it was time to take a test! After the engaging powerpoint, exciting research, and fun hands-on activities, ALL of my students did very well on the test! 

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