Everything Rocks and Minerals

My class has had a great time learning about rocks and minerals. This can be a pretty boring unit…but with a little creativity it became fun!

After reading about rocks and minerals in our textbook my students looked at a powerpoint I created and took notes on a handout I gave them. Here's a few slides from the powerpoint...

Later, we grew crystals of our own using salt. 

Then…we got our hands on some rocks and minerals! 

I'm lucky enough to have a huge collection of rocks and minerals at my school, but if you don't….lots of kids have them at home and you could ask them to bring their collections to school. I set up the following stations: hardness, streak, and luster. They were given everything they needed to investigate the rocks and fill out packet as they moved around the stations. 

We also performed the acid test on many of our minerals. The acid test shows if there is carbon in the mineral and the kids got so excited when they saw the bubbles! 

Calcite was the only mineral that worked for us!

I also let my students bring in their rocks and mineral collections for a show and tell! They loved that too! 

The last thing we did before a final assessment that we will have next week is write a poem. 

My students wrote rocks and minerals "I Am" poems. Each student chose a rock or mineral and wrote their poem without giving away the name. You can lift each picture up to reveal the type of rock or mineral. Here's the template they followed:
I am…
I see…
I smell…..
I hear…..
I feel….
I know….
I want….
I think….
I wonder….

I let the kids look at every rock and mineral book I had to do a little research to help them write their poems. Once they were finished they shared them with the class, tried to guess each others, and then I hung them up on the bulletin board for the school to see!

The crystals after a week! They are growing!

You can find the powerpoint, notes, test, and many of these activities that I do with my students in my Everything Rocks and Minerals unit on TPT. Click Here to take a look at the unit! It also includes this really cool foldable that we created…


  1. Hello, I am the instructional coach at my school and currently working with grade three teachers on planning and developing a Rocks and minerals unit. I am going to recommend them to check your blog, you are doing an excellent work. Congrats!

  2. I'm trying to locate this on Teachers Pay Teachers! Could you send me the link?