Five for Friday 11/15


My husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary this week! Here are a few flashback photos that I enjoyed looking at...


We saved the top tier of our wedding cake and ate it on our anniversary! Here's the before….

And here's my husband eating it a year later….and the dog too! His face when he went for the cake was priceless! I'm talking about my dog…not my husband ;)

Every year I love to teach my students about biographies. I always have them choose a famous person, write a biography, dress up like the person, and prepare a short speech. This week , I put it all together in an awesome product that I now have on TPT. 

CLICK HERE! to see that awesome unit!

I have been teaching my students all about rocks and minerals for the past couple of weeks. Today we started growing crystals! The students used water, salt, jars, string, and straws to grow their own. As a class, we used a kit
 to grow an "Amethyst Geode." I'll post again in a few weeks to let you know how successful we were!

We also made these really cool lap books during our rocks and minerals unit. If you're interested in these, you can find it in my rocks and minerals unit on TPT!


And last but not least…to say I am proud of my husband is an understatement! He traveled from our home in NC up to Philadelphia (where he's from)  to speak at his alma mater this week, The University of Pennsylvania. My husband is so stinkin' smart that he got a masters degree in criminology and law at Penn. He went back to speak about research he had done while he was there, as well as what he does now in the field of criminology as an officer in the Army. He won an award for criminology in practice and became a distinguished alumni!!  

Have a wonderful weekend!! 

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  1. I can't even take how cute your dog's face is in your pictures. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary and to your husband!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'