July Currently

Listening: I can't live with at least one cup of coffee in the morning

Loving: I love that it is summer! But I'm actually working this summer. My husband and I moved from NC to GA. I didn't think I would get a teaching job quickly so I found a job as a director at a camp. Well sure enough…I got a full time job quickly! Now I'm sort of regretting that I am doing this camp, because….I want my summer back!! But I'm going to have a good attitude about it. I love being with the kiddos!

Thinking: I really do get to see my husband today after one LONG month! He's in the Army and he leaves a lot, so I'm pretty used to it. But this time has been a little more difficult. My husband had already been living in GA for 3 weeks when I finally joined him as soon as school got on on June 4th. On June 5th he left for TDY (temporary duty) in Fort Knox. Soooooo we got one night together in our new house in this new city. Good news is…I'm flying to Louisville TODAY to see him for the holiday. After I get back, he will be home in 2 short weeks. Home for good! Well until the next TDY, or deployment, or training (whatever they choose to call it)…….

Wanting: A new book. I am just pages away from finishing Gone Girl.  I'm seriously hooked, but I'm saving the last of it to read on the plane today. This book is AH-MAZING! Seriously…read it if you haven't. I'm wanting a new book now. I think I'll try another one by Gillian Flynn because this one was so good. I also need to read The Maze Runner! Any other suggestions?!

Needing: Yeah, check out my blog. Oh wait there's nothing there. I seriously don't blog except for the occasional currently and very, very occasional real blog post. I'll get better. 

4th Plans: I think this was explained above! I can't wait to see my husband who (by the way) proposed to me 2 years ago on the 4th in Philadelphia. The whole city of Philadelphia was so excited that we celebrated with fire works ; ) We were married just 4 short months later. 

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  1. Please pass along my thanks to your husband. We are so lucky to have men and women that step up to serve our country. And kuddos to you for standing by him. I imagine it's hard being a military spouse. My husband use to teach overseas during the summers so we were apart for 8 weeks every summer. It's so hard to be separated! I'm glad your time apart is soon coming to a close. Hopefully he gets to stay put for awhile. Enjoy your weekend together!

    If you haven't read The Search by Nora Roberts you may want to pick it up. I use to think that I was too young to read a Nora Roberts book. That her books were for middle aged and old women. I was wrong. That woman can tell a story.

    Not knowing the types of books you read it's hard to suggest but you may also like the Abby Cooper: Psychic Eye series by Victoria Laurie. They are an easy/fun read.

    I read all the time and have hundreds of books in my house. Amazon loves me. :) If you ever need more suggestions just let me know. I love to talk books.