My Classroom

Here is a peak into my 5th grade classroom. 

Reading Bulletin Board with part of my classroom library underneath it. 

My desk area. 

An adorable bulletin board from The Brown Bag Teacher. I love her cute subway art. 

This is the back of the room. Those are student lockers and my Social Studies bulletin board. 
I use it as a concept board and since school just started it's currently blank!
To the left are my calendar and classroom expectations. 

A look at the left side of my classroom with my Reading and Writing Bulletin Boards.

My "What's Up?" area. This calendar tells the students everything they need to know, including the specials for the day. We are on a 6 day rotation and it gets confusing. Underneath is a bookshelf for all of the classroom essentials (pencils, pencil sharpener, Kleenex, etc...)

The other half of my classroom library. It's a little boring at the moment and needs some decor. above. At the moment we can't put anything on our walls because they were just painted. I'll have to get creative with this area. 

Another close up look at this area and the rest of my classroom library. 

Our Daily Lunch Count (students use popsicle sticks) and No Name Papers go here!

Student desks. The name tags are from Ladybug Teacher's Files and the blue buckets are from Really Good Stuff. I love having the blue buckets to organize student materials!

This is how I track my students. It's magnetic and they can just move their number as they exit the room. 

W.O.W. Words (Wonderful Outstanding Words) Bulletin Board. 
This is for all those overused words. Students can grab a synonym from the board to "spice" up their writing. 

That's all for now!
I'll update this page throughout the year as my bulletin boards change. 

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